What we do?

Medical scientist and professional adviser are the basic root of a biomedical laboratory or biotechnology company. Being an independent biomedical laboratory, we are very lucky and proud that we have a strong team of five PhD Medical scientists in different fields, two M.D., two medical MBA composed. Also great marketing and sales team, speak multi languages and 30 years experience in business. On top, In order to be able to provide the best service and get the accurate data, a high-standard laboratory is a must ! And we have an excellent one.

medical supplies

We develop, manufacture, and we get all certified and standard approval, patent protection, the products are including cosmetic surgery items, postoperative wound pad and specific medical wound dressing.

Stem Cell Center

Our partner is the only private but legal stem cell therapy lab in Japan, has more than 4,000 clinical trial cases and massive data. We ever treat several serious sickness such as cancer, stroke, diabetes type I/II, gout, also polio and third-degree burn…

Industry Cooperation Program

We have created a problem-solving platform to encourage researchers from different universities interdisciplinary, based on cross-department and cross-unit cooperation, in order to seek better results. And there are already a number of leading universities and research institutes has signed industry-university cooperation program, then become our excellent research partners.

Plastic surgery

We also provide consultancy services for Plastic surgery Clinics in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Before they import or try the new products, we provide the principal component analysis data and assist those clinics or beauty centers to obtain legal permission with Government.

Sales Layout

We welcome all who wish to bring medical products to the Asian market, we have the most powerful intellectual property layout capability, also the sales and marketing channels.