Major Wound dressing is the first released medical item in Life Star

International Limited. It was designed for the targeting group, such as Diabetes foot, swelling wound or the wound after surgery. Wound dressing is a disposable item, it requests big quantity and money. Major wound dressing is aiming not only on affordable price with excellent medical care, but also friendly use and friendly for our environment.

The diabetic foot is a complex multi-system disease target organs. Diabetic patients with peripheral neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease complicated with high mechanical stress, can cause foot soft tissue and bone destruction and deformity of the joint system is formed, triggering a series of foot problems, neurological symptoms from mild to severe ulcers, infections, vascular disorders, Charcot joint disease and neuropathic fractures. If the active treatment does not adequately address the symptoms and complications of the lower limbs, it will result in disastrous consequences. Therefore, in patients with diabetes foot problems early on to carry out prevention and treatment will have important significance.

Life Star International Limited develops an all natural, high absorbent, porous wound dressing. The sponge itself was made by silk fibroin protein with high biocompatibility and Biodegradability, it provides the great absorbent also keep the certain moisturizing. On the other hand, we are on the next step of preparation of highly porous silk fibroin protein sponge dressing with herbal extract, it can enhance anti-inflammatory effect and speed-up the wound healing.

At this moment, we apply the Intellectual Property Rights in Taiwan, USA and China. We hope our products can help more patients with wound problem.

We are the wound expert, the 100% natural material wound expert.