National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Taiwan Tech was established in 1974, as the first and the leading higher education institution of its kind within Taiwan's technical and vocational education system. NTUST Taiwan was also ranked as Asia's 10th best institute in science and technology.


National Taiwan University, Center of Biotechnology

NTU was founded in 1928 by the Japanese administration during the Japanese colonial era and was then known as the Taihoku Imperial University. NTU is considered one of the most prestigious universities in Taiwan. It also has strong ties with the Academia Sinica in Taiwan in the form of research and teaching collaborations and a joint program office.


Tri-Service General Hospital

It is the teaching hospital of the National Defense Medical Center. One of the leading hospital in Taiwan with the biggest animal center.


Biomimetics Sympathies Japan

The only and legal Stem Cell Therapy Center in Japan.


Water Fair Plastic Surgery Medical Clinic Hong Kong

One of the leading plastic surgery medical clinic in Hong Kong with all new technology equipments and advanced skills. Also with two prestige plastic surgeon and one imposing reputation dermatologist.